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Fright-Flick Countdown: No. 28

John Vincent starts his spotlight on the genre's top ghost films

All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner, so what better time to snuggle up and watch a ghost movie?

Now ghost movies are among the toughest of all the types of scary movies to make -- it's hard to show a believable ghost on screen and even harder for actors to act scared of the ghost (especially when it is not even there in any sharp or form).

It's one thing to act scared of Bruce, the giant Robert Shaw chomping robot shark in "Jaws," or the 7-foot, 2-inch Bolaji Badejo dressed in the "Alien" suit made by H.R. Giger -- it's quite another to act scared of something that's not even there.

Perhaps that's why there's so few of them made and even fewer that actually have the power to scare. So without further ado, here are my picks -- one a day at a time leading up to Halloween -- for the scariest 28 ghost movies ever ...

No. 28 -- 'EVENT HORIZON' (1997)

Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and staring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, "Event Horizon" is an almost great ghost movie.

Envisioned as "The Shining" in deep space, the crew of a rescue vessel Lewis and Clark are sent to answer a distress signal received from the Event Horizon, a massive but vanished space ship meant to travel faster then light. It's immediately apparent that the Horizon crew went mad, as they're all slaughtered -- no other explanation is possible ... or is there? Soon, something starts stalking the dreams of the rescue crew ... and it ain't no man.

Basically, "Event Horizon" plays like the video game "Doom," but without proper monsters, sort of an "Amittyville Horror" meets "The Black Hole" with a bit of "Hellraiser" thrown in for taste.

The cast is excellent -- I'd watch Neil and Fishburne read a cereal box -- and the sets/production value are great, but "Event Horizon" never quite reaches critical mass, perhaps because it was originally written as a straight up monster in space movie ala "Alien." It would have actually been scarier as a zombies in space movie, but as it is, "Event Horizon" is still original enough (ghosts from another dimension) and creepy enough to make it into the No. 28 position on my list.

A new Blu-ray with lots of extra goodies recently came out, and it's definately worth a look-see.

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About the Author

John Vincent is a long time indie horror director, with interests involving all things film and television. In fact, Vincent runs egetv.us, which has sci-fi and horror movies running 24/7 with a live chat room. He is also looking for original horror, sci-fi and action shorts, and feature length films. If interested, drop him an email at evilgeniusemail@gmail.com.
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