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'Hatchet III' Scares Up Genre Talent

Sequel adds to cast as it prepares to lens this month

As "Hatchet III" prepares to lens this month near New Orleans, the film's cast is swelling with horror talent.

Joining the cast are Caroline Williams ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2"), Derek Mears ("Friday the 13th," "The Aggression Scale"), Sean Whalen ("The People Under the Stairs"), Diane Goldner ("The Collector") and Jason Trost ("The FP").

"Part of the joy in writing these films is being able to write roles with specific actors in mind," said Adam Green, who created the franchise. "So many great performers from the genre have asked to be included over the years."

The sequel once again centers on Marybeth (Danielle Harris, "Halloween"), who is seeking the secret to ending the voodoo curse that keeps supernatural killer Victor Crowley's (Kane Hodder, "Friday the 13th") reign of terror from ending.

Joining Marybeth this time is a pompous SWAT team leader (Mears), who is seeking to eliminate Crowley, and a journalist (Williams) specializing in the killer's notorious legend.

ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films are spearheading the film with writer-director Green exiting the director's chair to serve as a producer.

Green penned the script again, but gave the directing reins to BJ McDonnell, who served as a camera operator on the first two films.

"Hatchet II" enjoyed a brief run as the widest release of an unrated genre film in more than 25 years when AMC Theatres premiered it Oct. 1, 2010 after Green clashed with the MPAA over the film's generous gore.

Having already worked out a storyline for "Hatchet III" before he lensed "Hatchet II," Green intends to be "more involved" than a typical producer, and he promises to "never run out of creative ways for Victor Crowley to kill people."

Cory Neal and Sarah Elbert will also serve as producers on the sequel.

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