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John Carpenter To Helm 'Fangland'

Legendary horror director accelerates his workload after a long absence

John Carpenter is joining Sriram Das and Blumhouse Productions to adapt John Marks' 2008 vampire novel "Fangland," according to Coming Soon.

Directed by Carpenter and scripted by Mark Wheaton ("Friday the 13th"), the film stars two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank ("Million Dollar Baby") as Evangeline Harker, a producer of a legendary New York TV news magazine called "The Hour." Harker is dispatched to Romania to investigate a reputed crime lord, only to later discover his vampire-like nature has spread back to the United States.

The novel "Fangland" was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

With such classics as "Halloween" and "The Thing" on his mantle, Carpenter returned to directing last year after an eight year break following his 2001 flick Ghosts of Mars.

Carpenter's first film back, "The Ward," is set to hit theaters Sept. 24. It's a psychological thriller set in a mental institution where a young woman is haunted by a mysterious and deadly ghost.

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